September 30, 2022

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Morocco authorizes deportation of families of ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq – Parliament

| learns that Moroccan women have given the green light for the return of Moroccan women, along with their children, and their husbands, who have joined ISIS, the Islamic State in Syria and militants from terrorist organizations such as Iraq.

The wives of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria will soon be transferred from camps in Syria to Morocco.

Moroccan officials distributed forms to all Moroccan women living in camps in Syria to fill out information about relatives in Morocco.

Our evidence reveals that the number of persons authorized to return the date is 671; Or 280 women and 391 children.

The visit comes from camps in Syria, following a request from US allies during a meeting in Rome by the US Secretary of State to repatriate civilians currently detained in Syria. Islamic State Committee. (EI). As a reminder, Rome met on June 28th Member States of the Alliance Against the EI Group.

The camps, which are home to about 10,000 militants and their families by US-allied Syrian Kurdish forces, are being used by ISIS “as a rear base to re-mobilize people in northeastern Syria,” said Anthony Blingen.

Let us remember that France and the United Kingdom are countries that are most opposed to the repatriation of their citizens in defiance of the strict demands of their families; Unlike Italy, Kazakhstan or Belgium.

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