September 30, 2022

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Mohammed Rabi Kli was elected Vice President of the International Railway Union

Mohamed Robbie Klee, Director General of the Moroccan National Railway Office (ONCF), has been elected Vice President of the International Railway Union (UIC), in addition to his presidency of the UIC-Africa Region, the office announced.

The election took place at the 98th UIC General Assembly, held for a term until the end of 2023. Indicates that it has “the renewal of the Moroccan railway sector and the recognition of its Arab-African leadership” ONCF. The unanimous election of this international body represents, for the first time, the senior executives of more than 180 railway networks around the world, at the level of this international body’s top executive committee, at the Arab level. African.

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It intervenes in relation to Morocco’s leadership in this field, operating through its persistent and active commitment and mobilization in sustainable movement service, which enables enlightenment vision and HM. In line with the future perspectives of King Mohammed VI … In this regard … ONCF cites the major turning point in the national railway sector in this regard, “a real renewal thanks to the structural projects undertaken within the framework of the sovereign-promoted large building sites policy”.

These projects have significantly resulted in a significant quality leap in passenger and freight traffic, as well as an privileged international and continental relocation in terms of competitiveness and quality as a potential network for a developing country, underscoring ONCF.

Other factors that led to this unprecedented global recognition, the Office points out, are innovative measures, such as securing the body’s presidency of the African region since 2010 and leading to a federation of African networks around a common plan.

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He notes that the results are truly rhetorical: they have made it possible to gain prestige, recognition, involvement in major regional and continental projects and privileged status with relevant government and regional organizations (African Union, Nepal, regional). Economic communities, donors).

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ONCF’s place in international and regional railway organizations is “HM. According to the policy laid down by King Mohammed VI, it is based on the influence of our country on the world stage and the strengthening of South-South cooperation. These are one of the key levers adopted within the framework of our country’s new development model, ”the office said.

As a reminder of the more than 200 members that unite all operators and railway operators around the world, UIC is the sole organization for production, standardization, integration of reference systems, definition of technical standards and optimal and safe operation, as well as related research and development.