September 30, 2022

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M’Jit El Ghrob calls on the government to approve unlicensed vaccines

Franco-Moroccan Deputy M’Jit El Groop called on the French government about the plight of French people who could not return to France because they had been vaccinated in France with unauthorized anti-Govt vaccines, such as cinoform, but not yet verified by the World Health Organization (WHO), .

He urged the deputy administrator to find a solution quickly. As part of Government Control Week, the French National Assembly reviewed the impact of measures taken in the wake of the health crisis on the health and longevity of the French population. On this occasion, M’Jit El Grob, Vice President of the Ninth Constituency of the French People Living Abroad, met with Oliver Warren, Minister of Solidarity and Health.

According to El Gurab, these French people are protected against the cove there and should not be discriminated against for following the instructions of the government. Previously, the French living in Morocco Challenged their government In the same case, a vaccine approved by WHO, but in France, insists that there is no contradiction.

To date, only four vaccines have been approved in the country, namely Pfizer / Bioendech, Moderna, Astrogeneneka and Jansen.

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