Michigan and Washington announce restrictions on the Coronavirus as cases increase

More than 11 million cases of the COVID-19 virus have now been reported in the United States – the most recent 1 million cases came in less than a week, according to the latest data.

Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus tracker topped 11 million US cases on Sunday – an increase that prompted Michigan and Washington to join several other states in ramping up restrictions over the weekend.

By Monday morning, 11,038,312 cases were recorded.

The latest million cases came in just six days. It took 300 days for the country to reach 11 million cases since the first case It was diagnosed In Washington state on January 20.

Meanwhile, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmire’s administration on Sunday ordered high schools and colleges to halt personal classes, shuttered restaurants from indoor dining, and suspended organized sports – including soccer matches – in an effort to keep the state’s mounting infection numbers out. .

Michigan State Gretchen Whitmer.
Michigan State Gretchen Whitmer.AP

Under Whitmire’s order, indoor and outdoor residential gatherings have been restricted, some recreational facilities closed and gyms banned from hosting group exercise classes.

The new measures are scheduled to last three weeks.

“The situation has never been more dangerous,” said Whitmire, a Democrat the authorities say He has been targeted in a kidnapping plot Fueled by anger over its previous virus-related measures, at a press conference on Sunday. “We are on the edge of a precipice and we need to take some action.”

In Washington state, which is also battling a surge in cases, Governor Jay Inslee on Sunday announced new restrictions on businesses and social gatherings for the coming month.

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Gyms and some entertainment centers in the state will be required to close their indoor services from Tuesday.

Indoor capacity will be limited within retail stores – including grocery stores – and indoor and indoor multi-home social gatherings will be prohibited unless each person involved is isolated for 14 days, tested negative for COVID-19 and quarantined for a week.

Cody Tobin, a firefighter with Puget Sound Regional Firefighting Authority, gets tested for COVID-19 in a deep nose swab on Nancy Backus, Mayor of Auburn, Washington
Cody Tobin, a firefighter with the Puget Sound Regional Fire Service, performs a deep nose swab for COVID-19 on Nancy Backus, Mayor of Auburn, Washington.AP

Starting Wednesday, restaurants and bars will be scaled back to outdoor dining and commuting service.

All 39 Washington counties were temporarily suspended in either the second or third phase of the four-stage reopening plan that began in early May after a lockdown that was imposed in March.

The restrictions imposed by Inslee, who is also a Democrat, now temporarily place all boycotts on the same guidelines.

Under the guidelines, people should also avoid unnecessary travel outside of the state and self-isolate for two weeks after arriving from another country or country.

The United States has reported 246,224 COVID-19 deaths. The United States ranks 13th in the number of deaths from the Corona virus per person in the world – or 746.9 per million people, According to Statista.

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