September 30, 2022

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Masks and the Red Ride: Thousands of protesters urge G7 to act for climate change

Masks and Red Procession: Thousands of protesters urge G7 to act for climate change

Thousands of masked or red-clad environmental activists gathered in Cornwall, a southwestern UK, for a loud and colorful protest on Saturday, urging G7 leaders to step up efforts to change the climate.

With a large number of drums, a parade organized by the Extinction Rebellion group crossed the port city of Falmouth, about 35 km from the site of the international summit held at Corbis Bay, but it also hosts the press center.

“Actions, not words”, or “If the sea dies we will die”: Slogans with signs, but world leaders “can’t hear us,” complained Sauce Joyce, who lives in Falmouth. Come with her two children.

“I have an adult grandson and I don’t want his life to be affected by climate change and pollution,” says David Oliver. The 62-year-old retiree, who traveled from the northwest of the UK, believes the G7 leaders do not seem ready to make the “serious” sacrifices needed to avert catastrophic climate change.

Dozens of people, fully dressed in red, marched through Falmouth to represent the speed of species extinction, reading “G for Greenwashing” behind a large banner.

– Giant Syringe –

For their part, Oxfam activists, wearing the masks of world leaders and swimsuits from another century, a voluntary charity fighting poverty, with sun loungers on a Falmouth beach, to mock the inaction of those responsible for the climate.

They simulated a war on the edge of the water over a giant syringe that Oxfam was arguing to hold a patent that would allow the mass production of anti-Covit-19 vaccines.

The G7 is set to discuss the fight against climate change and biodiversity conservation, which will lead to COP26, an international climate conference to be held in Glasgow (Scotland) on November 7.

Leaders are expected to discuss a commitment to protect at least 30% of the planet’s land and oceans by 2030. On Friday, they met with business leaders to discuss increasing efforts for sustainable development.

But with increased aid to poor countries, campaigners want comprehensive programs to be implemented quickly.

“We need to put pressure on the G7 in Cornwall to do more to reduce carbon emissions,” says Max Lawson, an Oxfam activist, “but also helping poorer countries fight climate change.”

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