July 5, 2022

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Mali: Constitutional Court announces Colonel Costa as head of change (official)

The Malian Constitutional Court on Friday ruled in favor of Colonel Azimi Costa, the head of state and the leader of the change that is supposed to bring the people back to power, completing the second conspiracy led by the officer and the army in nine months.

Colonel Costa, vice president of change of verdict, said he “uses the functions, attributes and characteristics of the president of change to bring about the process of change to its conclusion” and that he will “accept the presidency” of change, the head of state.

The Constitutional Court arrived there, citing the “vacancy of the presidency” and the subsequent resignation of the incumbent, Bahn’d, the leader of the change.

“Since the presidency of change is vacant, it is appropriate to say that the vice president of change accepts the characteristics and functions of the head of state who is the head of change,” he writes.

A strong man in Mali, Colonel Costa, President Bahnatov and Prime Minister Mokhtar Owane were arrested on Monday from a plot he led with a group of officials on August 18, 2020, which were reopened after civil warrants for change were opened.

Azmi Costa announced on Tuesday that they had been removed from their posts. They then submitted their resignations without knowing whether the dismissal was voluntary.

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