July 5, 2022

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Mali: AU and ECOWAS sanctions split | Africa | D.W.

Political sanctions by the West African Economic Community (EGOs) and the African Union have put the military under great pressure.

After the ECOWAS last Sunday (30.05), the suspension of Mali from all its events until the restoration of normal constitutional order in the country returned to the African Union yesterday Tuesday (01.05).

The U.N. is urging the Malian military in power to return to their barracks “unconditionally” and avoid further interference in the political process in Mali.

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“Measures to Improve Management”

Amado Mika, the first parliamentary secretary of the National Interim Council, refused to talk about Mali’s isolation and blamed both companies:

“Mali is not isolated. The sanctions there are diplomatic sanctions. In this area, this is what is needed when there is a breakdown of the regime. What I am banning is that these sanctions can be avoided by the Igbo and the African Union.” Because according to Amato Mica, “We should expect crises. They have all seen the test that the Malians faced. Maliars stayed on the streets for a long time. Our patriotic army had to start imposing sanctions on us over them. However, they should also impose measures to improve governance. “

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Sanctions as an opportunity?

Maimuna Diancaunda Tembele, a citizen involved in Malian civil society, regrets the decision of Igovas and AU. However, he believes this will be an opportunity for the governing body:

“It is very difficult for a state to be able to participate in some decision-making anymore. But this is a period that will allow Mali to recover. This is a question that can work for all socio-political tensions to come back to normalcy.

After ECOWAS and the African Union, all eyes are now on the European Union and the United Nations with this question: will they allow Mali too?

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