July 5, 2022

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Maghreb: Europe must stop thinking of itself as a fortress

For a long time, Europe first thought of itself as the “center of the world”. In recent decades, it has thought of itself as a “fortress”. The best school history that teaches us that no human civilization is eternal.

Institute Montague has published a “note” in May entitled “Macrop’s stability is essential for Europe” (1). Written by Hakim El Karoi, a senior colleague at the Montine Institute, the note is based mainly on observations of recent changes in international relations in three Maghreb countries: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The future of the “little MacRape” of the three states will inevitably affect the evolution of the European Union (EU). Previously, for Europe, the “world” was almost exclusively “Murray Nostrum” (Latin for Mediterranean Sea). Today, the collision of major powers is in space. Used to dominate, Europe, which is currently in decline, is now trying to defend itself while at the same time maintaining its interests in the world. According to the author of the note, it should not be forgotten that the European Renaissance was, above all, “close to abroad”, a strategic concept used by post-Soviet Russia to appoint the states of the former Soviet Union after independence.

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But the Maghreb should not continue to be considered a simple “European landscape.” In the 2010-2020 decade, unlike Algeria, a profound political transformation seems to have begun in Tunisia and Morocco, which, despite the civil war, is being managed by a strict military regime, an important citation part thanks to oil rents. The 2020 crisis has exacerbated the weaknesses of the Maghreb economies. How to get out of this economic crisis when structural changes begin? This is the main challenge that all three countries share. Will Europe be indifferent, hostile or rather active and positive to this challenge? The author connects the destiny of Europe with the three countries of Central Maghreb. The connections between the north and south of the Mediterranean are very strong.

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The Maghreb is more and more a rivalry between the major powers, the United States, Russia and China, as in Africa. Hakeem El Karoi places particular emphasis on the financial instrument to get the Maghreb countries out of the crisis. According to him, the “Macrobian danger” is at the same time the “European danger”, given the “gap between people and economies”. If one of the Maghreb countries is destabilized, the chain reaction will be almost automatic: “immigration, Islamic danger, intervention of other powers”, because of the vacuum or the silence of Europe.

Moreover, in order to contribute to the stability of these countries, it must pay more attention to its “near-foreign” situation and find solutions, not just financial ones. It is a question of the well-being of the people, no longer the traditional support for political regimes, but only the defenders of neocolonial interests. External assistance complements the internal energy of each social formation in its own dynamic development. So the EU must learn to treat its southern neighbors as true equal partners.

1) Institute of Montagne. “The stability of MacRae is essential for Europe.” Note. May 2021

Maghreb A dynamic and complex fact

Maghreb is mostly from Europe, and is found under the threat of immigration, Islam, and terrorism. It is a hell of a trio that feeds on studies of extreme right-wing trends in Europe. In fact, this prism is primary and a source of prejudice. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 moved Western Europe towards Eastern Europe, without provoking the deep and irreversible liberalization of the former Eastern camp countries. Currently, with the recent withdrawal of the United Kingdom (Brexit), the EU has weakened itself and undermined extreme right-wing political tendencies, which are on the rise, in fact around the world. In Brazil, too, Trump did not mention the United States, living a dream world. The intensity of the immigration and refugee influx reinforced these far-right political tendencies and fueled their arguments. Yet Europe is clearly demographically extinct. The only two solutions to the aging of its population are the adaptation of new technologies and the adoption of systematic and gradual integrated migration flows.

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