July 5, 2022

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Launches three new maritime services

The new services are aimed at establishing the port of Tanker Med as a relocation center in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Thus, the first service, FE2 (to the Far East Loop 2) at Container Terminal 3 (TC3) in Tanker Med Port, was launched by ship owner Habuk-Liot. The service has a shipping capacity of 24,000 twenty-foot containers (TEUs) and connects ports in East Asia including Busan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as ports in northern Europe including Le Havre, Southampton, Rotterdam and Hamburg. Danger. “The first westbound stop (east-westbound) was made aboard the HMM Dublin in early July,” Tanker Med authority said.

As for the second service, SPX (Portugal X-Press, Spain), it was launched on a DC3 scale by ship owner Habuk-Lloyd and connects the ports of Casablanca and Tangier-Med with the ports of Lisbon, Vigo, and Alcą®šzaros, Valencia and Barcelona. The first stop was by the X-Press Vesuvio Feeder.

The Bijakos shuttle is the third service launched and operated by the shipping company CMA-CGM. This is a seasonal service that started last June, with June Jana, Tanger Med explained, noting that this service is responsible for the circulation between Pisa in West Africa and Valencia in Spain.

Currently, the port is connected to more than 180 global ports, providing processing capacity for 9 million containers.

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