July 5, 2022

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Kovit-19: A hybrid of English and Indian varieties found in Vietnam

Vietnam’s health minister said on Saturday (May 29) that Vietnam had discovered a new variant of the corona virus, the first strain of the strain to be detected in India and the United Kingdom.

One more variant of Govit-19! Vietnam has discovered a new variant of the corona virus as a result of a combination of Indian and British varieties and is spreading fast through the air. The announcement was made in a statement issued by his health minister Nguyen Tan Long on Saturday 29th. The latter said that scientists had recently studied the genetic makeup of the infectious virus in some patients and discovered a new version of the virus. “Laboratory tests have suggested that the virus may spread more easily than other versions. The new variant is very dangerous, ”he added.

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The news came as the country is facing new waves of pollution in more than half of its areas. In fact, after the success of Covit-19 for most of 2020, Vietnam has been facing a rapid spread of the virus since the end of April, representing more than half of the 6,713 cases registered by the country, where 47 people died from the corona virus.

As a reminder, Covid-19 viruses often develop minor genetic mutations during reproduction, and new variants of the corona virus have been found in China since late 2019, when they were first discovered. The WHO lists four global ‘types of anxiety’ (the first two are found in the UK and India, as well as those identified in South Africa and Brazil).

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