September 30, 2022

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Kovacs to receive 110 million doses of two anti-goit vaccines immediately

LKavi, one of the founding members of the Kovacs organization, said in a statement that the agreement between Kavi and the two Chinese pharmaceutical groups would include options to purchase additional doses in the coming months.

“Thanks to this agreement, these vaccines have already received urgent approval from the WHO, so we can start supplying the drugs to countries immediately.”, Said Seth Berkeley, leader of the Vaccine Coalition.

Unequal access to vaccines

As of July 12, the Kovacs organization, which ensures equal access to anti-Govt vaccines in rich and backward countries, distributed more than 102 million vaccines in 135 countries.

This is much lower than the targets released earlier this year, but since then India has blocked exports of the estrogen vaccine doses imposed on Kovacs and rich countries have come to the most effective sera, exacerbating vaccine imbalances. “Porn” By the employer of the WHO.

While the European Union and the United States aim to vaccinate the majority of their population, including children from the age of 12, the African continent has only succeeded in vaccinating 1% of its population.

550 million dose by June 2022?

The deal, announced on Monday, offers to buy 60 million doses from Sinoform from July to the end of October and 50 million doses from Sinovar from the end of July to September.

In total, about 170 million synophorm sizes will be available by the end of the first half of 2021, depending on demand. In the case of Sinovac, the total volume of purchases will reach 380 million by the end of June 2022.

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These doses are available to covax participants who pay for the vaccines, and to those who benefit from donations donated by donors.

Kovacs plans to distribute 2 billion doses by the beginning of 2022, including 1.8 billion to 92 poorest countries benefiting from the donation mechanism.