July 5, 2022

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Knesset elects new president after Rivlin

AA / Jerusalem

Newset (Israeli parliament) will elect Israel’s new president on Wednesday.

The Israeli parliament announced on its website that its members are “electing the next president of the state of Israel today.”

He explained that the presidential election was being held “by secret ballot for a period of 7 years”.

Isaac Herzog, former leader of the Central Workers’ Party, and Miriam Berets, a social activist living in the “Quad Jeev” colony, are running for president of the Hebrew state.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said: “The results of the vote will be announced in the afternoon.”

It should be noted that the uniqueness of the Israeli president is less than that of the prime minister.

The special features of the Israeli president are limited to accepting evidence from ambassadors and appointing representatives to form governments. He also has the right to pardon prisoners.

The Israeli Knesset was made up of 120 delegates elected by direct popular vote.

* Translated by Maunir Bennur from Arabic.

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