September 30, 2022

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Ivory Coast: Joy erupted in Abidjan on the arrival of former President Kabago

Ivory Coast: Joy erupted in Abidjan on the arrival of former President Kabago

“The statue of the people is here! : Crying as the plane landed in Abidjan. Former President Laurent Gbagbo arrived happily in C டிte d’Ivoire, with thousands of people in the streets crying out for him to be “Cagaco or nothing.”

At 4.30pm (local time and GMT) the plane touched down. “It simply came to our notice then. President Laurent Cabago has now arrived! », A woman who wears an effigy of a former president cries, was acquitted in March by international justice who tried him for crimes against humanity.

Only a few hundred notables, members of his party and relatives were able to access the courtyard of the Presidential Pavilion allotted to him.

In the distance, the frustration was huge among his young fans who came from all over the city to see his champion. They could not reach the area around the airport and tear gas was fired to set them aside.

Just minutes before the plane lands, explosions are still heard from the airport.

Then the eruption of happiness. As soon as the plane arrives in Dorma, the traditional leaders sit under the established marks for the occasion from morning, get up and smile. Dozens of people, wearing T-shirts and waistcoats printed with portraits of Laurent Cabago, rush to the front gates to see Dormak.

Laurent Cabaco can be seen descending a staircase at the airport, surrounded by dozens of fans. The cry of joy rises again. “God-given to Ivory Coast and the world”, begins a man.

It looks like all the airport staff have stopped working. They also brand their phones to capture this moment, which is described as historically significant in the country: Laurent Cabago, who was president until 2011, did not touch the soil of C கோte d’Ivoire.

According to his opponents, he was the one who plunged the country into chaos during the 2010-2011 election crisis. But for his supporters, he is an “idol”, the Redeemer.

His large black 4 × 4 with colorful windows moves with difficulty at the airport because there are plenty of journalists and supporters. President Alessandro Otara had presented him with the presidential flag, but Laurent Cabaco did not set foot there.

For safety reasons, Laurent Cabacbo leaves his car to get out.

– meeting, meeting –

He leaves the airport, very quickly, and it gives pleasure. For miles and miles his procession crosses Abidjan from south to north. Thousands of people run to the side of the road to greet him. The same ballad is sung in different parts: “We are going to establish Kabago!” “,” Respect Kabago’s arrival! “,” The real president is here! “Aquaba (welcome) to President Laurent Cabago!”. “Cabaco Peace”, we hear too.

“President (President, Editor’s note), he is, he has arrived,” one woman exclaims excitedly.

“Since six o’clock this morning, we have come here to welcome our President, because he was removed. We decided to give him a warm welcome, “said one supporter.

The total of excitement. Mostly in a good natured atmosphere. But here and there tensions erupt, tear gas is shed.

Laurent Cabaco is headquartered in his former 2010 presidential campaign headquarters in North Abidjan. Back there, it was crowded, crushed.

“We came to celebrate the tree this morning,” the brave man said to a woman with a big smile.

When Laurent Cabaco appears in front of the fighters, they sing in chorus: “Cabaco Ayu”. The former president’s first words: “I’m glad to find C டிte d’Ivoire and Africa.” The party is in full swing and will continue until late at night in the pro-Cabago neighborhood.

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