August 12, 2022

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Israeli-Moroccan trade is growing strongly. And with Algeria? – Israel Valley

Transparent Israeli. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, trade between Israel and the Middle East and North Africa has increased significantly following the Abrahamic Accords. According to information coming from Tel Aviv, and according to information gathered by Israeli within the authorities, the Israeli-Algerian trade is at zero point. What is wrong!

In fact, for a long time Algerians have been buying Israeli goods at the Algiers port without any label. The products come from France and are made in Israel. Labels are removed at the last minute (without the permission of the Israelis!).

So it is no coincidence that high quality pharmaceutical products are used every day by thousands of Algerians.

Another interesting thing: Algerians living in France often bring home goods in which they are completely unaware of where they are produced, even in Tel Aviv and Judea and Samaria.

Daniel Roach, Editor-in-Chief of Israel Valley, is set to travel to Algiers soon for conferences on “Technical Surveillance and Economic Intelligence”. Really “What do I know?” Focusing on the technology watch in Algeria is successfully marketed.

According to I24 News: “The Israeli government has sent the dose of the Pfizer vaccine against Kovit-19 to Algeria. It is a country that has no diplomatic relations with the Hebrew state.

According to I24News:

In the first seven months of 2021, trade between these countries increased by 234% compared to the same period in 2020.

Transactions with the United Arab Emirates increased from $ 50.8 million (€ 42.7 million) between January and July 2020, to $ 613.9 million (516, € 6 million) in the same period in 2021, according to published figures.

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The United Arab Emirates last year normalized relations with Israel in four Arab states, more than Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. Several agreements have been concluded between Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi and Manama in the fields of tourism, aviation, finance, agriculture and culture.

Trade with Jordan, which has maintained diplomatic relations with Israel since 1994, has increased this year from $ 136.2 million ($ 114.6 million) to $ 224.2 million ($ 188.6 million). Trade with Morocco, which normalized relations with the Hebrew state in December 2020, increased from $ 14.9 million (.5 12.5 million) to $ 20.8 million (.5 17.5 million).

There is no tourism trade or service sector in the figures shown.

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