September 30, 2022

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Israeli Foreign Minister’s first official visit to Emirates

Yaïr Lapid “The UAE Foreign Minister will pay a two-day visit to the United Arab Emirates next week (June 29-30).“Sheikh Abdullah bin Saeed Al-Nahiyan pointed out to the Israeli Ministry that this is the first relocation of its kind, and it deserves it.”HistoricalThe two countries normalized their relationship in September.

Relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates are important, and their fruits will be appreciated not only by the citizens of the two countries, but by the entire Middle East.”, The Israeli ministry said in a statement. In October 2018, Miri Rekaev, the then Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports, flew to the Emirates to go to the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam with the national judo team, but it was not a visit. Officer.

Another Israeli minister, then-in-charge of communications Druse Ayob Kara, also spoke at an international conference on telecommunications in Dubai in October 2018. In March, the first official visit of an Israeli prime minister, then Benjamin Netanyahu, to the Emirates was canceled.Dispute“In its airspace with Jordan, the Israeli side said.

Mr. Netanyahu, first Naphtali Bennett was replaced as head of government, In February, had already postponed a visit to Emirates and Bahrain, another Gulf state that has normalized relations with the Hebrew government, due to travel restrictions imposed to fight the corona virus epidemic.

Since the normalization of relations between Emirates and Israel in September 2020, under the administration of former US President Donald Trump, the two countries have set up direct flights, appointed ambassadors and increased the attendance of trade representatives.

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On Monday, i24News announced a series of deals with Emirates, including the opening of a permanent office in Dubai, primarily for an Israeli-based media outlet.

Palestinians condemn normalization agreementsTreason”, Resolution The Israeli-Palestinian conflict Until then it was not considered a sine qua for any standardization.