July 5, 2022

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Israel Observer in AU, Algeria not verified | Africa | D.W.

“A decision taken without the benefit of broad pre-consultation with all member states”: Algiers qualifies Israel for the right to have a status observer for the AU by the head of the African Union Commission (AU). Israel, which maintains relations with about 40 African countries, had this observer status for the Organization of African Unity (OAU) until its transformation into the African Union in 2002.

The Hebrew government regained this observer status at the AU, which it had been asking for for years. In a statement, Algiers believes that “the recent decision of the head of the African Union Commission (AU) to welcome a new observer coming under his administrative rights will not change the stable and active support of the continental organization. The Palestinian cause”. “The working methods of the African Union do not allow any of the 87 additional African observer countries to influence the position of the Continental system, determining what is the exclusive potential of its member states,” Algerian officials stressed on the other hand.

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Since independence, Algeria has taken up the cause of “the people’s right to self-determination”, especially the right of the Palestinians, which has been one of the historical proponents.

Apart from the good relations between the AU and Israel, Algeria has also been criticized for the recent normalization of diplomatic relations between Morocco and the Jewish state.

Click on the photo above to listen to the analysis of political scientist Hasni Abidi. He runs the Center for Research and Research on the Arab and Mediterranean World (CERM).

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