July 5, 2022

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Israel joins the African Union as an observer after being deported for two decades

Jerusalem is taking a big step in its growing relationship with the landscape. This is a day of celebration for Israeli-African relations for the Israeli Foreign Minister.

Israel will join the African Union as an observer state, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. Israel, as a reminder, maintains relations with 46 of the AU member states.

Israeli Ambassador to Addis Ababa Alain Admasu submitted the Israeli Charter as an observer member to the 55-member continental organization.

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As a reminder, Israel enjoyed observer status in the former African Unity Organization until 2002, when it was dissolved into the African Union.

“This is a day of celebration for Israeli-African relations,” said Foreign Minister Yair Labid. ‚ÄúThis diplomatic achievement is the result of the efforts of the Foreign Ministry, the African Union and the Israeli embassies on the continent. “

“This corrects the disorder that has prevailed for almost two decades,” said Minister Lapidet. “This is an important part of strengthening the fabric of Israel’s foreign relations.

The Foreign Ministry said the development would allow for better cooperation not only in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic but also in the fight against terrorism.

Also, as a reminder, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prioritized Israel’s relationship with Africa in the second half of his 12-year term, especially with many Muslim countries on the continent.

In addition to looking for new markets for agriculture, high technology and Israeli defense knowledge, the former prime minister was keen to improve the vote of African countries on issues related to Israel in international forums. Such as the United Nations Security Council and UNESCO.

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In this sense, too, in July 2016, Netanyahu became Israeli Prime Minister for decades visiting the continent when he visited four East African countries, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

In December of the same year, Jerusalem hosted an agricultural conference in Israel with seven ministers and several senior officials at an agricultural conference in Israel, co-hosted by the Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation, Ikovas and Mashaw.

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Then, in June 2017, Netanyahu attended the annual conference of the Economic Community of West African Countries (ECOWAS), which covered 15 countries with a total population of 320 million. The Prime Minister invited 51 peopleTh Ordinary session of the heads of state and the government of the community in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. “Israel is coming back to Africa,” the then prime minister said before his visit. After 4 years, especially after the normalization of relations with Morocco, and after various agreements and alliances with the latter, Israel is indeed making a strong comeback in Africa.