July 5, 2022

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Interpol provides new global family DNA database to identify missing persons

The International Organization for Police Cooperation (Interpol), on Tuesday, June 1, provided a new global database for identifying missing persons using family DNA.

The device, called i-Familia, can now identify the missing person through an international comparison of family genetic data, he said in a statement. Communication.

France-based Lyon-based Interpol says it is the world’s first database to automatically manage these differences without knowing the missing person’s genetic background, and provides standardized guidelines on what constitutes a match.

Countless people around the world go missing every year as a result of crime, conflict, accident or natural disaster. By the end of 2020, more than 12,000 yellow notices issued by Interpol’s General Secretariat – International Announcements to Search for Missing Persons were active, it was recalled.

“I-Familia is a humanitarian tool that, due to Interpol’s global dimension, opens up many new perspectives on identifying missing persons and providing answers to families,” the minister said. Interpol Secretary-General Jர்கrgen Stock.

As part of a process that will create Interpol’s long and successful experience in direct comparison of DNA profiles, the 194 member states of the organization submit DNA profiles to allow the establishment of links between DNA profiles. Cases involving missing persons and human remains, organization.

I-Familia includes a specialized global database that stores DNA profiles provided by family members and keeps them separate from any criminal data, as well as possible interpretations of DNA profile comparison software called Bonaparte and interpol. Find and report.

The processing of genetic data by Interpol is carried out through secure communication channels and in accordance with Interpol’s policy regarding the use of the company’s strict data protection rules and profiles. The DNA of the family members of those who went missing for parental research, the system promises.

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