September 30, 2022

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International Summit in Berlin to stabilize Libya

Set the stone for holding elections in Libya later this year and removing foreign troops and mercenaries: The main countries involved in the conflict are meeting in Berlin on Wednesday for a new summit.

All the soldiers in the region and for the first time the Libyan interim government will attend the conference this afternoon at the level of foreign ministers.

On January 19, 2020, under the auspices of the United Nations in the German capital, the first conference of the leaders of the countries concerned reached a weak agreement to end the conflict.

Ten years after the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi, participants will take up political change, especially in Libya.

– Doubts –

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is expected to intervene in the video. The United States will also be represented by US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on a European tour.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss, who is the host of the meeting, said on Monday that “the election is taking place as planned and that the withdrawal of troops and foreign fighters from Libya is essential to keep the country afloat.”

The key role is to ensure that the December 24 presidential and assembly elections are held simultaneously, as promised by the caretaker government led by Prime Minister Abdelhamid Deepa.

However, there are doubts about the real will of the authorities to see this election take place.

Libya’s former interior minister, Bati Bachaka, is a candidate by direct vote in this first presidential election, so on June 2, the government announced that it would not delay its capture.

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A diplomat who feared that the interim government would “not care about the elections” wants to believe that “the date of the elections will be accepted by all” before it is confirmed by preliminary negotiations.

The Berlin summit may be limited to “simple intentional announcements”, but it could allow “progress” on the way to elections in December, explains Libyan expert AFP Jalel Hershou on a global think tank.

After a decade of failures in bringing Libya out of chaos, the UN The formation of this new cabinet at the end of the funded political process was like a long-delayed hope.

In an effort to reach Europe, the EU relies on solving the problem of migrants leaving the Libyan coast, often in heavy loads and unsafe boats.

But divisions between the two rival powers, Tripoli (West) and Syracuse (East), have re-emerged in recent weeks.

An official agreement has been in place since October, but John Kubise, the UN ambassador to Libya, agreed in May that the progress of the merger of the split companies and the withdrawal of foreign powers was “point” death.

– Too many men –

This parameter is important in this process, as the Libyan conflict is often triggered by external forces.

Haiko Mass laments that “those who last dedicated their withdrawal of troops in Berlin did not respect it.” Implicit reference to Russia, Turkey or the United Arab Emirates.

In December, the UN estimated the number of mercenaries and foreign fighters in Libya at about 20,000: Wagner, Saudis, Sudanese and Syrians, a group of Russians.

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There are several hundred Turkish soldiers in Tripoli under a bilateral agreement concluded with the previous government.

“The number of fighters has not dropped significantly, but we have a ceasefire, which is generally accepted and respected everywhere,” a diplomatic source said.

In late April, the League of Arab States, the United Nations, the European Union and the African Union called for the withdrawal of foreign powers.

However, the brutal dispersal of these men represents a new threat to the region and the fear of UN ambassadors. Chadian President Idris Debbie Idno was killed during an attack by Chadian rebels in Libya in April.

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