July 5, 2022

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Infrastructure: The grandiose project that Biden wants takes an important step

Thanks to the broad support of Democrats and Republicans, the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure investment plan presented by Joe Biden as “historic” crossed a major milestone in the United States Senate on Saturday, where it is now guaranteed before adoption. House of Representatives.

The result of several months of negotiations and a rare consensus between Republican and Democratic senators is that this gigantic project will provide $ 550 billion in new federal spending on roads, bridges, transportation, but also the fight against high-speed internet and climate change.

$ 1.2 trillion equivalent to Spain’s 2020 GDP – if we take into account the restructuring of other existing public funds.

The Senate, with the consent of 18 Republicans, their powerful leader Mitch McConnell and 49 Democrats, decided to end the debate on the bill.

This practical vote required 60 votes. In the Senate, this is a decisive step as it underscores the very strong chances of the text being adopted by a majority (51 votes).

But the text still has to go through a process and there may be new votes in the amendments.

The final vote could take place at the beginning of the week or this weekend, making it possible for the Senate’s more flexible rules to expedite procedures … on the condition of reaching a consensus.

The senators also held intensive talks on the hemisphere on Saturday and even on these next steps.

Joe Biden tweeted Saturday that the deal “reflects a historic investment.” “We can’t go without implementing it.”

Acceptance of this plan will lead to the victory of the betting Democratic president in the fight against economic recovery and the devastation of the Govt-19 epidemic.

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Former Republican leader Donald Trump ruled Saturday that the deal was a “disgrace.”

“It will be very difficult for me to support someone who is stupid enough to vote in favor of this agreement,” he threatened in a statement, while he is very popular with Republican voters and the 2022 parliamentary elections (“interim”) are approaching.

But Republicans who support the plan also know that these investments are very popular with voters, and influential Mitch McConnell defended an imperfect speech Saturday but the result of a “compromise.”