September 30, 2022

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In Chad, the chairman of the governing body did not reject the extension of the change

# In other countries : The head of the military junta that seized power in Chad the day after the death of President Idris Debbie Idno in April did not rule out an extension of “change” 18 months before the promised elections, ‘Jean Africa’ Weekly.

An Interim Military Council (CMT) of 15 generals, headed by Mohamed Idris Debbie, one of the deceased’s sons, came to power on April 20, announcing the death of the head of state who had ruled for 30 years. And was killed in front against the rebels. At the end of the 18-month “transition”, the military junta promised to hold renewed “free and democratic elections.”

But the international community, led by the African Union (AU), has demanded that this period not exceed 18 months.

“I do not want to seize the CMT power I am leading,” Mohamed Idris told Debbie Jean-Afri in an interview on June 11 and 12.

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“Let us be clear: we’ve been out for 18 months and it is our desire not to go beyond that, but there are two conditions for this deadline to be respected,” said Mohamed Debbie, the Republican self-proclaimed leader.

In more detail: “First, the Saadis, we can agree to move forward at the planned pace. Second, our allies are helping us to finance the dialogue and the election, because it is clear that the Saadian treasury cannot afford such costs alone. If we come to an understanding, if we are assisted, 18 months within our borders Otherwise, it will be very difficult. “

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The AU called on members of the House of Representatives to honor their commitment to the Presidential and Legislative Elections after the change.

“So the members of the CMT will not stand for election (…) This is a commitment made before the people,” he assured Jean Afrik, the head of the military junta, without leaving the slightest doubt immediately: “As a believer, I think we must leave the part that belongs to God. Determines destiny and power “.

“I never imagined I would one day be head of state,” he says.

On April 20, the CMT dissolved parliament and the government and repealed the Chad constitution. Under international pressure, the military junta finally appointed an “interim government” of the people on May 2, led by the late Idris Debbie, the last prime minister, Albert Bahimi Badek.

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The CMT had also promised to “appoint” members of a National Transitional Council (CNT), which would act as an assembly body during the transition, which is still awaited.