September 30, 2022

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In Algeria, insufficient rainfall raises the risk of water scarcity

Algerians are enough. Residents of the Algerian capital have recently expressed their dissatisfaction with the drinking water cuts imposed by local authorities since last spring. Refers to the Algerian news site TSA.

According to the site, “entire districts of the capital are losing drinking water for the better part of the day. In Rehoy, for example, residents sometimes have to wake up at night to fill Jerry cans with water. During the day, the pipes are dry. In Puerto Rico and other districts located in the heights of the capital, the town hall of the Algiers Center announced yesterday [mercredi 25 juin, ndlr] Establishing a sister system to help people “.

A “very substantial, practically chronic” water shortage

On Thursday, June 24, Algiers’ Villa also announced its decision To reduce the operation of car wash stations “partially and temporarily”. Large consumers of water, laundries are now authorized to open only on weekends and every day of the week.

On the same day, a schedule for the supply of drinking water to Algiers’ Villa was also released. It came into force on Saturday, June 26 and divides the 57 municipalities of Villa into three divisions. Each uses a different water supply system, According to the Algeria-Environment website. Wally explained that this drinking water supply ration scheme is designed to distribute water during the day and to fill stocks at night. “We are suspending the water supply from 6pm to 6am in order to rehabilitate the storage at the level of the reservoirs,” he declared.

At the outset of these restrictions, according to Algiers’ Wally, “a very substantial, practically chronic supply deficit”. “In years past, groundwater was very important and we got it because our dams were practically overflowing. Today, our dams are declining drastically and our surface water supply is drastically declining; they fell from 500,000 m3 of water per day to 170,000 m3,” Wally said.

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“Three years of low rainfall have been reported, which has prevented our dams from being rebuilt quickly,” he said.

New desalination stations and new boreholes coming soon?

Algiers’ Villa is not the only country affected by this drastic reduction in drinking water availability. According to Jean Africa magazine, About twenty ribs are currently under water pressure. “We are accumulating rain deficits. The last two hydraulic years are both 30% deficient, ”explains Malek Aptecelam, a hydrologist who records the daily daily rainfall nationally.

According to the National Agency for Dams and Transfers (ANBT), at the end of March, the filling rate of dams was only 44%. So what can be done to alleviate this worrying water shortage? Algiers’ Wally promised that the situation would be “temporary and cyclical” and that “other alternatives and solutions” would be established to help build new desalination plants and realize new boreholes.

At the national level, Water Resources Minister Mustafa Kamal Mihoubi said the government was considering strengthening the seawater desalination system. The aim is to increase the national capacity (561 million m3 per year) to 2 billion m3 by 2024. A time-consuming solution that Algerians have long been forced to resort to resource systems.