September 30, 2022

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If vaccines were needed, Africa would be hit by a brutal 3rd wave

Africa than in other regions of the world in the vaccine match, Corona virus, the third “brutal” suffered waves, which lack the resources to hospitals, pressuring already been tested. The continent has so far avoided the catastrophic scenes seen in Brazil and India. With an estimated 5.3 million cases and 139,000 deaths, Africa is the second least affected continent in the world after Oceania, according to AFP. “The third wave is accelerating, spreading fast and hitting hard,” WHO Africa director Maxidizo Moetti said on Thursday, “for whom this wave will be the worst.” The resurgence of the virus on the continent coincides with the fatigue of preventive measures, the spread of high-risk species and the winter, which has accumulated 40% of cases in South Africa.

In South Africa, the country with the highest number of infections on the continent at 35%, physicians face an unprecedented influx of patients, presenting with flu-like symptoms that do not match the markers of Govt. “What we see now is different from the first or second wave,” explains Angelique Coates, president of the South African Association of Physicians. Neighboring Namibia and Zambia also see the Govt curves taking high-speed routes. Zambia’s health minister recently spoke of crowded morgues. His Ugandan representative told the AFP he told several young people in hospitals that “this is different from the second wave.” Like South Africa, the country is trying to increase home care for less severe cases, but with less oxygen supply. The 3rd wave also affects hitherto preserved countries in West Africa such as Liberia and Sierra Leone. “The situation is worse than it was a year ago,” said Liberian President George W. Bush, describing hospitals full of patients with respiratory problems. Africa is generally left in strict health measures. Uganda is once again closed, and only traders in the Kampala market, who eat most of the country, are allowed to continue their operations. Kenya is playing curfew order, while Namibia, Rwanda and Zimbabwe restored control in June.

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This third wave comes at a time when vaccine supply is almost stagnant on the continent. According to the World Health Organization, less than 1% of the population that were fully vaccinated. It is widely criticized that the latest billion-dollar pledge from the West to poor countries has not yet been fulfilled. According to the World Health Organization, Africa urgently needs millions of vaccines. “This is a race against time, the epidemic is before us. In Africa, we have not won the war against the virus,” he said. Nengansang warns. Cases erupted in India, delaying deliveries by AstraZeneca’s main vaccine supplier, WHO’s Kovacs device. But in addition to the supply shortage, the continent has accumulated doubts and failures. Countries that have vaccines have failed to administer them before they expire. Malawi destroyed nearly 20,000 units that expired in May. The Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan have repaid more than two million. South Africa, which vaccinated only 2.2 million of its 59 million population, had to destroy 2 million after the production error. To date, 18 African countries have used all the vaccines sent by the WHO. Last month, hundreds of citizens protested in Harare as supplies ran out at the main vaccination center. Faced with the shortage, Debros Musena of Amnesty International, a non-profit organization, denounced in a press release that “many people have the intention of waiting for death.”