July 5, 2022

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Hundreds of firefighters are battling the war fire

The fire, which broke out in the Six area on Highway 57, about 100 kilometers northeast of Dulong on Monday, August 16, covered 3,500 hectares of forest and shrubbery Tuesday morning, firefighters said.

“The 700 firefighters involved in the field are continuing their combat operations at all points overnight. The fire has traveled 22 kilometers since its departure. Line firefighters wrote in a tweet released Monday night through Monday. “Conditions unfavorable with strong winds and high temperatures”, They clarified.

“The fire is huge and spreads at a speed of four kilometers per hour, which is a very tough fight.”, According to Commander Delphine Vianco, adding: “La Carte-Freenet was able to prevent fire at night”, A village in Massif des Moores, about twenty kilometers by road from Saint-Tropez.

Interior Minister Gerald Durman said he had to go to the scene of the fire during the day.

“Thousands evacuated as a precautionary measure, but no casualties” A spokesman for firefighters told the Agency France-Presse this morning, referring to the fire. “Still very bad”. The province of War has confirmed the evacuation of several camps, especially in the Grimat area.

Municipalities open their gym and village hall

On Facebook account of the city of Cavalier-sur-Mer, At night, was asked of residents of the districts of Colliers, Lolongaste, Savageers and Garrett, and holidaymakers living in the Cros de Mouton and Group de des Cambieres University (GCU) camps. Reach the gym and village hall in the city center.

On his Facebook account, La Croix-Walmer Municipality has announced the opening of its Village Hall “Welcome people who have difficulty returning to their homes from Grimate and Gogolin”. He invited those in the GCU and S campslection camp “Landing safely to the beach, especially due to the smoke and ash in the city”, And residents “Stay at home, close shutters, close windows, do not use traffic lanes”.

More than 400 firefighters were initially mobilized to combat the disaster, which began at 5:45 p.m.

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A summer is already marked by very severe fires

When planes and helicopters had to stop their rotation, a violent mist was triggered at night, one of the biggest fires this summer. Come on Madin Already 1,200 hectares of burnt area at night. This fire will cause more destruction than that Allari Hill Touch, Ad, According to a recent report it destroyed about 850 hectares.

Mistral, who arrived in Provence on Monday, fed several fires during the day, especially at the gates of Marcel, at the entrance to Callanx National Park or Wars, towards the Zion Peninsula. Both of these fires were fixed. As a precaution, access to all twenty-five forests of the Bouches-du-Rhône is restricted on Tuesday, the Massifs of the Toulon Mountains, War.

Very strong heat and wind this summer on the edge of the Mediterranean caused many severe fires Greece, In Turkey, In Algeria Or even in Morocco. 700 hectares of forest have been burned in the last three days in the Kingdom of Serif..

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In Spain and Israel, the other two countries on fire, the figure on Monday destroyed 12,000 and 2,000 hectares, respectively.

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