September 30, 2022

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Hong Kong: A young wild boar travels a subway (video)

A young wild boar rode the Hong Kong people through the subway twice and was stopped by farm service staff through the city’s harbor.

At the Quarry Bay metro station the ticket plummeted under control restrictions and was then able to board a train.

A video shows him on a half full train, an employee surrounded by stunned passengers not trying to catch him with a blue tar.

According to officials, the animal got off at a few more stops before boarding the second subway train. He was sent back to a train depot, where agents from the Department of Agriculture arrested the stray pig and released it back into the wild.

Famous for the density of its tall buildings, Hong Kong has subtropical mountains and parks, which are rich in Eurasian wild boar. More and more humans and independents are coming into more and more contact.

Wild boars are filmed running near vehicles on the roads, crossing the beaches full of baths, and grabbing the tarmac at the city’s international airport. A child also fell through the ceiling of a clothing store.

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