September 30, 2022

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Guy Rider has called for the implementation of the ILO Digi Centenary Declaration

He spoke of the consequences of the “many and growing inequalities in our societies” exposed by the epidemic, and of past failures to address them over time.

The amount of human suffering caused by the epidemic due to this joint failure is high. In this house of social justice, we have to make decisions, more than anyone else, ”he added.

CEO ofI.L.O. Recognizes the efforts and commitment of governments to do whatever it takes to overcome the health crisis and mitigate its economic and social consequences. “It is extraordinary that this conference is taking place,” he told delegates as people around the world yearn for a redemption that will lead to a better, more flexible, sustainable and better future. “

The Director General reminded the delegates Century announcement for the future of work , Adopted by CIT in 2019, “Provides a valuable roadmap for creating a man-centered recovery COVID-19 Crisis .

“Epidemic highlights how health, social and economic, financial, trade and intellectual property policies are inextricably linked … We must begin with this observation to create a better synchronization of the diversity system on a permanent basis. The Declaration Centenary encouraged us to do so.”

“The conference’s adoption of an outcome document that supports and outlines the global response to a man-centered recovery will be of immense value,” he said.

CIT says it is “particularly important … that we continue to support our economies, jobs and our people while our labor markets are still in shock.”

The ILO called on the President’s delegates to “work tirelessly” to implement the Centennial Declaration, which “guides us in the steps we must take to ensure that the recovery of our economies is appropriate, social and human-centered.”

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“We will abandon the innovator’s position, fear and apprehension to take advantage of the opportunities presented by any crisis. This crisis is pushing us into new areas of health, environment, education, finance, digital, work and new interdependencies. This requires greater cooperation between governments and our community partnership He said.

During the plenary session, Indian Labor Minister Board Chairman Apurva Chandra also presented her report, which covered two years of work. Leaders of employers’ and labor groups, Renat Hornung-Tross of Germany, and Kடdlin Paschier of the Netherlands made initial remarks.

During this ILC session, delegates will discuss the decision document on COVID-19, which will provide guidance on human-centered crisis exit policies. They will also discuss social security, the most important issue at a time when the failures of current organizations have been brutally exposed by the crisis.

CIT will continue to monitor the application of international labor standards.