July 5, 2022

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Govt-19: WHO warns of unequal vaccine threat

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tetros Adanom Caprais warned on Monday that there was a “threat to all nations” posed by the unequal distribution of anti-Govt vaccines.

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva, Tetros Adanom Caprais noted that “the unequal distribution of vaccines allowed the virus to continue to spread, not just those with fewer vaccines, but the risk of a variant of vaccines becoming less effective”.

While rich countries have taken the vaccines by storm, Kovacs, which offers free doses to underprivileged countries, wants to ensure an equal distribution among those who can afford them, failing to function at full capacity. Like India – mainly in quantities offered by Kovacs – Serum exports vaccine manufactured by the Institute of India against severe infections in its region. As of June 4, Kovacs has delivered more than 80 million volumes to 129 countries and territories. Much less than expected.

Faced with this situation, the World Health Organization has again asked rich countries that have vaccinated a portion of their population to re-vaccinate. But the organization called on pharmaceutical companies on Monday to show solidarity.

“I invite (…) all manufacturers to grant new manufacturers the right of first refusal to Kovacs (i.e. to be given priority by the editor in particular) or I am committed to providing 50% of their volumes in Kovacs year,” said the WHO Director-General.

As a reminder, Kovox was developed by the Vaccine Coalition (SAF), the WHO and the Coalition for Infectious Diseases (SEBI), specifically to counteract the imbalances in access to anti-govt immunization, especially by providing free medicines to 92 underprivileged countries and territories.

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