July 5, 2022

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Govt-19: Vaccine targets not reached (WHO)

Nearly 4 million cases were reported to the WHO last week. “Based on current trends, we expect the total number of cases to exceed 200 million in the next two weeks,” WHO Director-General Dr. Tetros Adanom Capreius told a conference. Newsletter in Geneva. “We know it was underestimated,” he said.

On average, in five of the six WHO health zones, infections have increased or almost doubled in the last four weeks.

“In Africa, deaths have increased by 80% over the same period,” Dr. Tetros warned. “Much of this increase is due to the highly contagious delta variation, which has now been detected in at least 132 countries,” he said.

Since appearing in December 2019, the Covit-19 virus has changed, “it is changing” and so far four types of concerns have emerged, and “will continue to be high as long as the virus continues to spread,” the WHO chairman noted.

According to him, the increase in these cases is also due to increased social composition and mobility, inconsistent use of public health and social activities and unequal use of vaccines.

“Hard-won profits are threatened or lost, and health systems in many countries are overwhelmed,” he said.

According to the WHO, an increase in the number of infections creates a lack of vital oxygen-like therapy for patients. Twenty-nine countries have high and growing oxygen requirements, and many countries do not have adequate basic equipment to protect leading health workers, the same source said.

Meanwhile, test rates in low-income countries are 2% lower than in high-income countries. “Without the best test rates worldwide, we will not be able to fight the disease on the front line or mitigate the risk of developing new, more dangerous variants,” Dr. Tetros warned.

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The WHO’s goal is to have at least 10% of the population vaccinated by the end of September, at least 40% by the end of this year and 70% by the middle of next year. “We have a long way to go to achieve these goals,” Dr. Tetros admitted.

So far, more than half of the countries have fully vaccinated 10% of their population, less than a quarter have vaccinated 40% of the population, and only three countries have vaccinated 70%, the WHO points out, despite warnings about the threat of vaccine nationalism and “trampling” poor people in a hurry ” “, The global distribution of vaccines remains unfair.

“All areas are endangered, but not Africa,” the WHO chief recalled.