September 30, 2022

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Govt-19 – Famine threat than Lee magazine manager

Oxfam, a non-profit organization, released a new report last weekend entitled “Hunger Virus Spreads”, which linked famine to Govt-19 and warns against the progress of famine in the world.
If no action is taken, Oxfam, a non-profit organization, warns that famine could cause more deaths this year than the Govt-19 epidemic, with 11 people dying every minute from hunger and malnutrition, compared to 7 per minute for Govt-19.
“Conflict has been a major factor in hunger since the outbreak began, pushing more than half a million people into famine, 6 times more than by 2020,” Oxfam said in its report, adding that 155 million people worldwide are now food insecure at crisis levels, 20 million more than last year.
“Today we see a high level of crisis: relentless conflicts, the economic downturn since the Covit-19 and a panic climate crisis, which has pushed more than 520,000 people into a catastrophic situation of famine,” commented Gabriel Butcher, managing director of Oxfam.
“Instead of fighting the epidemic, the militants clashed and dealt the last blow to millions of people already affected by climate disasters and economic shocks,” he said.
In Africa, especially in the Sahel, Lake Chad and South Sudan, millions of people are now facing dangerous conditions on the border of famine.

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