September 30, 2022

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Good to know / Govit: The delta variant is spreading across the EU by August

The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECTC) on Wednesday estimates that the delta variant of the particularly infectious corona virus should be responsible for 90% of new cases of COVID-19 in the European Union (EU) here by the end of August, calling for awareness. .

“The delta variant is widespread in the summer, especially among young people who are not targeted for vaccination,” said Andrea Ammon, director of the European Institute for Disease Control.

Although the alpha variant first detected in the UK is prevalent in the region, agency samples predict that the delta variant initially found in India will cause 70% of new infections in the EU in early August and 90% by the end of the year. In August, the ECTC said in a statement.

According to the Health Institute, ECTC calls for expedited vaccinations to protect against the appearance of a mutant that can spread 40 to 60% more than alpha.

In the lab or in real life, studies converge at one point: getting a single dose of vaccine provides only limited protection against delta variation.

“At this point, it is important that the second dose of the vaccine be administered at the minimum allowable interval after the first dose in order to accelerate the rate at which vulnerable people are protected,” added Andrea Ammon.

According to the agency, “any relaxation of the non-drug summer practice in the EU / EEA in early June will lead to a rapid and significant increase in the number of daily cases for all ages.”

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