September 30, 2022

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Global Cyber ​​Security Index 2020: Morocco Ranked 50th globally (ITU)

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released the 2020 edition of its Cyber ​​Security Code (GCI). Morocco was ranked 50th out of 194 countries with 83.65 points out of 100. IDU initiative to improve collective understanding of cyber security issues Report Morocco in particular recommends improving its governance and integration mechanisms.

The code serves as a map to identify gaps, guide national strategies, announce legislation, enhance efficiency, highlight good practices, strengthen international standards and foster cyber security culture.

According to the report, Morocco scored 18.40 for legal action, 17.94 for technical activities, 12.37 for organizational activities, 15.24 for skills development and 18.46 for action cooperation.

In the Mena region, the Kingdom ranks 8th over Saudi Arabia (2nd globally), United Arab Emirates (5th), Oman Sultanate (21st), Egypt (23rd), Qatar (27th), Israel (36th) and Tunisia Is. (45th). Morocco is second only to Algeria (104th), Libya (113th) and Mauritania (133rd).

In Africa, Morocco ranks first, followed by Mauritius (17th), Tanzania (37th), Ghana (43rd) and Tunisia (45th).

The United States tops the index with a full score of 100 points. Great Britain and Saudi Arabia are next with 99.54 points, followed by Estonia with 99.48 points.

The Global Cyber ​​Security Index 2020 highlights the fact that “there is a growing commitment around the world to combat and mitigate cyber security threats”, “The challenges of Govt-19 and the rapid transition of day-to-day operations and efforts by nations to improve their cyber security across the globe” -Economic Services ”.

Globally, “half the countries announced the formation of a National Computer Event Response Team, with an increase of 11% since 2018, 64% of countries have adopted a National Cyber ​​Security Strategy (SNC), with more than 70% by 2020 against 58% and 66% They conducted cyber security awareness campaigns, which means that the gaps in cyber capability are still widening, ”we conclude.

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