July 5, 2022

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Germany wants to equip itself with a mobile alarm system to warn of potential danger

Germany plans to set up a mechanism to automatically send alerts via mobile phones to warn people of potential danger, especially in the event of a natural disaster, the interior minister announced Monday, following the recent deadly floods.

“In recent months, this idea has not always aroused the enthusiasm of everyone, but I have decided that we are going to do it. There is no reasonable argument against it,” explained Horst Seehofer, a Member of Parliament who listened to the bandwagon following terrorism. Flood It hit the country in mid-July.

Among the ways to improve the blockade, the German government now wants to authorize the sending of alerts by telephone, which is called “cell broadcasting”.

By resetting an SMS, this alert is sent by a public authority to the mobile phone of the people located in the danger area via its network operator.

Unlike a text message, the message is not sent to a specific number, which makes the system compatible with the security of personal data, which is a very important concern in Germany.

Unlike SMS, a cell broadcast message arrives even when the network is overloaded.

This technology, which requires an investment of several million euros, is still rarely used in Europe, while similar systems for disaster management are widespread in the United States and Japan.

In addition to this cellular alarm system, Germany also wants to re-establish a blockade system using sirens, many of which have been removed due to lack of maintenance in recent years.

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