September 30, 2022

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France now accepts AstraZeneca vaccine made in India and vaccinated in Morocco


France, in its latest update of entry conditions in its region, has added the Astrogeneca vaccine (Govshield) made in India to its list of approved vaccines. Moroccans who have received the dose of this vaccine can thus go to France with the same conditions as those vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna.

Good news for vaccinated Moroccans who want to travel to France. They can now go to France for 7 days without self-isolation, without presenting a negative test, if they have received the dose of Astrogenega product.

France really differentiated between the two versions of the AstroGeneca vaccine: Vaxsevria and Govshield (made in India and specifically aimed at African countries, including Morocco). The latter is not accepted in the EU because of the potential for “differences” with the original, according to the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA).

Note that although France has adopted the Indian version of the AstraZeneca, it still does not apply to other parts of Europe. In the latest update, the EMA indicates that there are four approved vaccines: Cominerti (Pfizer), Johnson (Johnson & Johnson), Spikevax (Modernna), Vaxgevria (Astrogeneka), but not Govshield.

As a reminder, neither Franco nor EMA have yet accepted the Chinese vaccine from the Sinoform Laboratory.

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