Two years after placing an order, Senegal has received its first shipment, which allows a portion of the LPG to be gassed, which will be delivered by the operator. British Petroleum.

As this gas level was discovered off the coast outside St. Louis and on the sea border with Mauritania, teams SenelekThe National Electricity Board of Senegal is finding it difficult to run new power plants using this resource. The idea is to exploit a portion of the quota Petrosen It will be provided in kind. Except for the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), it must first be converted back into gas, which can burn to run power stations. Senegalese officials say this is the interest in the arrival of the first ship, which was received at the end of May.
This floating storage and restoration unit (FSRU, according to its abbreviation in English) is now in Senegal waters after leaving Singapore shipyards. It was built by Carmol J-Venture, the Turkish company Carpowership and the Japanese Mitsui OSK Lines.
It is a 272m long vessel with a capacity of 1252 cubic meters, which has already been directly connected to the floating power plant of the Turkish carpower in Senegal for almost two years. Provides up to 15% of the country’s total electricity needs.