First call: Dallas QB update for the Steelers match on Sunday; Legal team Antonio Brown is in full force

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Tuesday’s “first call” features a look at this week’s cowboy midfielder situation as the Steelers prepare for a trip to Dallas.

The Crows made history during their loss to the Steelers on Sunday. John Harbo defends his team’s coronavirus practices.

Antonio Brown’s legal team is working overtime before his Tampa Bay Buccaneers debut.

Dalton or Denucci?

The Steelers prepare for Sunday’s game in Dallas. The Cowboys are not sure who will be the quarterback yet.

Ben Denucci was former midfielder Payne Richland under the center when the team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. It was starting the place of Andy Dalton who was injured by ex-Steelers player John Postic two weeks ago in Washington.

And according to John Machota of Team Athletic, Dalton hasn’t cleared the concussion protocol yet.

DiNucci 21 was out of 40 to run 180 yards. He was fired four times, and did not cast any landings. Tiger didn’t throw the former Pete any objections either. But he faltered twice on the way to a 23-9 loss.

Defeat of making history

Despite the Steelers’ victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday 28-24, the Ravens made some history.

According to CBSOn Sunday, the Ravens became the first team since at least 1950 to outmaneuver an opponent by more than 200 yards and beat and lose.

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So perhaps, better to say, the Steelers made history by replacing crows’ history.

The stall ball

Former Stiller Antonio Brown tries to prolong the civil lawsuit he faces.

why? Because, believe it or not, that’s fine for his career.

Like pointing to“He clearly wants the trial date to be postponed. Although the request may arise exclusively from the intersection of the pandemic and the legal system, any delay after the end of the NFL season benefits Brown.”

For now, Brown continues to play Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. And the Word is that it informed Tampa Bay In perfect condition.

This is not a surprise. Brown’s dedication to fitness is never a problem. Usually his dedication to team, league and town bases is the problem.

His assistant may need help. They barely beat the struggling New York Giants 25-23 in “Monday Night Football”.

Harbo on Humphrey

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbo is defending corner back Marlon Humphrey – and the rest of his players – in the wake of Humphrey’s diagnosis of coronavirus.

He insists his team wasn’t lenient in enforcing protocol before losing to the Steelers. Humphrey had tested positive for covid-19 before the Steelers match simply because it is a pandemic and he has tested positive.

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Not because he blew the rules.

OK. I buy it. I am doing.

What I ask is how a man appears ill, he is sent home on Wednesday. After that, tests are supposed to be negative on Thursday and Friday and play on Sunday … without a positive result until the results came in on Monday.

What I’m asking isn’t how Humphrey got sick. It’s the way the doctors allowed it to happen, or how the test didn’t catch it sooner.

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