January 20, 2021

Experts say there are ‘definitely more cases’ of the UK corona virus variant in BC

Vancouver – A pathologist at Simon Fraser University says there are “definitely more cases” of the England Govt-19 variant in BC

The warning comes a day after provincial health officials revealed that someone on Vancouver Island had tested positive for the disease.

Health officials in Alberta also announced Monday that they had detected a case of this variation, bringing the total number of cases in Canada to five. A couple in the Toronto area and another person in Ottawa carry this variation, all events are linked to recent trips from the United Kingdom.

On December 15, a man flew from London to Vancouver International Airport and began to show signs of isolation on Vancouver Island. They were tested immediately, and a positive result for COVID-19 was returned on 19 December.

By December 27, it was revealed that the individual had taken the new variant.

No details were provided on how the man traveled from YVR to Vancouver Island. CTV News asked the health ministry if the passengers had taken a boat.

“Although I could not comment on that amount of detail due to the patient’s privacy, I can confirm that a small number of close contacts are isolated and that the individual followed the rules of isolation,” a spokesman responded in a written statement.

BC Isolation in open car bases or in a dock area. ”

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said of this variation that it appeared on the island, but “it’s a reminder to all of us to stay and sneak into our bubble.”

“We haven’t done this yet, which is more proof of this,” Helps said.

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This variant was first detected in the United Kingdom and later in other countries around the world.

Fiona Bringman is Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Simon Fraser University and is a member of the Executive Committee for the Canadian Covid-19 Genomics Network. He says there are already several types of COVID-19 virus.

“Every two weeks there is a mutation, and what happens is you end up with this virus that is constantly evolving,” Brinkman said.

What makes this variation different from the UK is that it has been shown in laboratory tests to be highly contagious, and it can spread rapidly, and “there is genuine concern about any other mutations that may come over that variation.”

When asked if there could be more cases of variation found in BC, Bringman said the variation is thought to have emerged in September.

He said the news of the change coming to Canada was an even more reason for people to stick to current restrictions and travel only if it was necessary.

“(People) really need to be local and really reduce travel by interacting with people in other ways,” he said. “We’m in a cat and mouse game. We’m in a race to get people vaccinated before new variations occur.”