February 27, 2021

Experts remind British Colombians to be ready when going to the jungle

This weekend’s snowfall and last week’s cold have created unusual conditions in some background areas, especially on the south coast of BC, experts say – and remind everyone to be ready for any time they go outside.

Avalanche forecaster Ilya Storm said cold winds from the north and east had formed layers of snow that did not bond well with mountain surfaces, especially in the Whistler area, following the weekend snowfall.

Current snowball conditions are different than usual because the wind created new avalanche spots, the storm says.

Whistler RCMP announced two deaths and multiple injuries over the weekend following skiing and skiing on separate avalanches in the Black Camp Glacier and Brandywine Bowl areas.

BC of the Canadian Red Cross. And Yukon’s Storm and Zen Houtby, both of BC. When going outside to experience the wonders of the landscape, they need to be aware of the area they are visiting and be prepared – especially if they go in the background.

The product includes wearing a mask

Howdy says to have a plan for your outdoor adventure, and pick up food, water, equipment and supplies and clothing appropriate for the season.

He suggests leaving your plan to someone who is not on the excursion so they can contact the authorities if you do not return on time.

Those entering the background are advised to take an avalanche skill training class first. Essential equipment includes a transceiver, shovel and probe.

Howdy reminds people to carry a mask to wear if they meet a person in medical distress.

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He recommends calling 911, where the sender can offer advice on how to safely assist someone when sending additional assistance.

“We need to seek extra help and try as much as we can to maintain the distance, while at the same time we make sure we can provide attention and let them know that help is coming,” Houtby said.

Trail and park use has increased by 60 percent this year over last year, Houtby said, mostly because people are looking for something safer to do outside.

“Usually, it feels like a safe because we can walk with a friend, but we can maintain those six or 10 feet [2-3 metres] We can still talk because we are physically far away when we pay ourselves, ”he said.