February 27, 2021

Environment Canada Low Temperature Warning for Greater Victoria – Victoria News

Environment Canada warns of low temperatures for Greater Victoria

Sunday’s updated special weather report forecasts temperatures of 5 to 10 degrees for the season

It may get chilli all over Greater Victoria in the coming days.

Environment A special weather report for Greater Victoria released by Canada and last updated on Sunday afternoon indicates that Arctic winds are constantly moving across the province to warn of low temperatures.

Present-day cold Arctic winds in the northern interior of the province. The report notes that it drains south towards the coast.

The report predicts that the Arctic winds will reach the southern coast overnight on Monday morning or early Monday morning.

“On Tuesday, temperatures will continue to fall as more Arctic winds are forced south,” it says. “Strong outbursts and strong winds are expected to begin cooling values ​​in the southern coastal areas on Tuesday night.”

Temperatures in coastal areas range from 5 to 10 degrees per season, while temperatures throughout the interior range from 10 to 20 degrees above seasonal average.

The coming cold seems to be part of a larger trend.

“Following the relatively mild first half of winter, the (province) continues to transition to very cold conditions throughout,” the report said.

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