February 26, 2021

Elections Newfoundland and Labrador postpone voting in 18 matches | Canada | News

S.D. Johns, NL –

Elections for 18 districts on the Avalon Peninsula have been postponed by the provincial chief electoral officer tomorrow.

Bruce S ullk decided to postpone voting in some polls due to the significant loss of electoral workers – many resigned out of concern for exposure to Govt-19 – large numbers of people in the St. John’s metro region have been isolated due to possible exposure.

“This is worrying as it has now confirmed social dissemination. I am generally concerned for our electoral workers and the electorate,” Soulk said in a statement from Elections Newfoundland and Labrador.

Also, the drive-through voting option announced earlier on Wednesday is being canceled.

Districts where live voting will be postponed:

  • Cape St. Francis
  • Carbonier – Trinity – Green Bay
  • Comment Bay East – Bell Island
  • Comment Bay South
  • Ferryland
  • Harbor Grace – Port de Grave
  • Harbor Main
  • Mount Pearl North
  • Mount Pearl – Southlands
  • I know Mount
  • Placenta – St. Mary’s
  • St. John’s Center
  • St. John’s East – Quidditch VD
  • St. John’s West
  • Topsile – Heaven
  • Virginia Waters – Pleasantville
  • Waterford Valley
  • Windsor Lake

As for the other 22 districts, Sulk says election day will continue by default, however, the results of those 40 districts will not be released until after the polls close. It was “to protect the integrity of the walk,” Sulk wrote.

The special ballot has been extended this week in line with a two-week “circuit breaker” implemented by public health officials. Any eligible voter can apply to vote by mail using a special ballot. To match the closing time and date of the poll, the deadline to apply is Saturday, February 13 at 8pm, after the application has been approved, a special voting kit will be sent to the voter and they will be delivered to the Election NL (Thursday, February 25, 2021 or earlier by postal express envelope). By).

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Interested voters can apply by submitting an online application www.elections.gov.nl.ca, Email an application [email protected], Or by faxing the application by printing and submitting (709-729-5671). All special ballot applications must be marked with the voter’s name and current address.

Applications can be downloaded Here.