July 5, 2022

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Elected Jewish and Muslim Democrats are calling for a fight against the Islamic threat

In a letter to Foreign Secretary Anthony Blink on July 20, 2021, elected Jewish and Muslim democrats, led by John Shakowski and Ilhan Omar, respectively, want to implement the post of special envoy for the fight against the Islamic threat, as created in 2004 against anti-Semitism. Sapphirenews. Among the 23 signatories to the Democratic Party are two Muslims, Andrei Carson and Rashid Talaib, among the 25 elected Jewish Congressmen, including John Shokowski, Steve Cohen, Sarah Jacobs, Alan Lowendall, Mike Levine, Brad Schneider and Dean Phillips.

In addition, in recent months, there have been direct exchanges between Brad Schneider and Dean Phillips on the one hand and Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlip on the other. These exchanges are mainly linked to their positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that erupted last May. Because, “in recent years, we have seen violent Islamic threats and persecution of Muslims around the world,” the Uyghurs in China, the Rohingya in Burma, the Islamist attacks in Christchurch in 2019, or the latest car-raming attack in Canada.

Therefore, as part of our commitment to religious freedom and human rights, we must recognize Islamophobia as a recurring trend in almost every corner of the globe, “said Brad Schneider and Dean Phillips. It gave merit, attention and priority to the issue.

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