July 5, 2022

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Egypt: Discovery of the fossil record of a new type of amphibian whale

“This is an unknown species,” said Hisham Salam, a paleontology professor who was part of the research team that discovered the fossil for scientists.

“This is the first time an Arab research team, especially the Egyptians, have documented such a discovery,” he said on television on Thursday evening.

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The new type of whale, weighing more than three meters and weighing about 600 kg, was baptized “Fumicetus anubis”, the name derived from the place of its discovery, the god of the fumigation and Anupis, one of the ancient Egyptian gods.

In a statement released Wednesday, the Environment Ministry said the whale was “the most ferocious and primitive in Africa.”

According to UNESCO, the fossils were found in the Fayum area of ​​Egypt, which was once covered by the sea, where there is a valley of whales, which contain “precious” fossil remains.

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“The whale had both the ability to walk on land and to swim in the sea,” the ministry said, adding that the discovery attests to the evolution of whales that were land mammals before becoming marine mammals.

“The anatomical study of the fossil shows that this new whale is completely different from other creatures already known,” the ministry said.

The mammal was allowed to “control the living environment” with its large, powerful jaws.

In addition to the Ministry of Environment, the Egyptian research mission was supported by the Ministry of Education, as well as the University of Mansoura (Northeast).

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Egyptian authorities continue to announce archaeological finds. In 2018, a team of scientists discovered the first dinosaur skeleton in Africa more than 75 million years ago.