July 5, 2022

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ECOWAS suspends Mali

The heads of state of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) met in Accra on Sunday for an extraordinary summit on the situation in Mali and decided to suspend the country from the sub-organization. Regional, announced Sunday evening by his cabinet chair Shirley Ayorker Potswe.

On behalf of the leaders of this regional camp, he pointed out that Mali has the task of restoring a democratic regime before February 2022, respecting the change schedule.

“Under the agreement on democracy and good governance, state leaders have decided to immediately implement Mali from Igbo,” Potchefstroom said.

In addition, he said the EGOs leadership would work with Mali to move towards the ultimate goal of bringing the country back to democratic rule by February 2022.

Ghana’s foreign minister, Ms Potchwei, said state leaders had also asked for a “civilian prime minister to be appointed in the coming days to guide the Malian transition process.”

Egovas urges the international community to continue its dialogue with Mali, “This will ensure that the transition process does not stall. Egovas denies that the plot in Mali has repercussions on Mali, as well as other parts of West Africa.”

The Constitutional Court of Mali on Wednesday seized the resignation letter of President Ba N Dao, which has led to a “freeze and malfunction” of the interim institutions.

The court thus directed Vice President Colonel Costa to “characterize the interim president and bring this process to an end”.

“The interim vice-president holds the title of interim president and head of state,” as the Constitutional Court ruled in court, justified by Sections 7 and 8 of the Interim Charter, which “appoints the vice-president with the assistance of the interim president” under the same conditions as him, and both civil or May be military figures.

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Colonel Azmi Costa told the Malian political class on Friday that he wanted to appoint a prime minister in the wake of the June 5 uprising – the protests that weakened the regime of President Ibrahim Bakr Keita, the Patriots (M5-RFP) last August 18.