September 30, 2022

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Dome temperatures are expected this weekend with temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius in Morocco and Algeria and 46 degrees Celsius in Spain and Portugal.

A heat, say, suffocation is expected in Morocco, Algeria, Spain and Portugal this Saturday and this Sunday, and is due to the high winds rising from the Sahara. An event reminiscent of the intense heat that hit Canada and the United States two weeks ago. Uncle Sam, moreover, will be the dome of the same heat this weekend and not even a little more immune.

Along with Spain and Portugal, southern Europe will also be affected by this “hot dome” phenomenon. Also in the south, on this side of the coast, in Morocco and Algeria, the 50 ° C bar is likely to cross the bar, sometimes this weekend, and the FEZ (record may have hit 46.4 ° C) or even drop in temperature. Maraoke (record of 49.6 of C is probably close). The national heat record set at 50.3 ° C in Smara on July 13, 1961 in Morocco may be broken this weekend. Heat waves are common in the Kingdom, mainly in July and August, but it promises to be exceptional, according to weather services in Morocco. Temperatures will rise again on Sunday, which promises to be the hottest of the episode nationally.

Still others say above our heads, it would actually be a dome of less significant heat than it is in Cana and the United States. Researchers and meteorologists warn that this will be an extension of the traditional summer “heat belt” that extends from Algeria to India. For its part, the National Meteorological Directorate (DMN) wants to express itself in local terms, advancing the term “Sergi” during this period. , Which is nothing more than the displacement of the “mass air of the Greater Sahara”. Pushed by the “hot” winds, they move from the Greater Sahara to the southeast, center and north of Morocco, with DMN post-forecasts increasing from 4 to 12 degrees depending on parts of the kingdom and Temperatures are expected to be higher than in most parts of Morocco (under Orange Awareness), Tatla, Al-House, Ramna, Siatma, Phosphate Plateaus-Olms, Choice, Corp, Lucas, Zoya, Nouzor, Chetat, The Oriental and Southeastern regions are the DMN.

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What are the causes of this exceptional heat wave? That being said, a warm breeze from the Sahara has been confirmed in southern Spain. A “blocking high” that compresses the air by pressing it to the ground and heating it up further. This hot air compression dries the soil, which raises the temperature. Then the dome grows and the air becomes more and more hot and suffocating. An event increased by sunlight at this time of year. This “same” phenomenon, commonly known as the heat dome, although slightly different from it, caused insane temperatures in western Canada, the United States and Russia two weeks ago (more than 49 in Lytton (Canada)).

It occurs over a weekend in Morocco, Algeria and southern Spain and Portugal. Temperatures of 42, 43 and 44 C are expected in Andalusia and a good part of Spain. Also, the Spanish Meteorological Agency has issued a report with caution. Even France is not completely free of these “hot domes”, which are set “roughly at moderate latitudes”. We fear that a heat wave like 2003, which recorded temperatures above 35 C in two-thirds of the country’s stations and killed nearly 20,000 people, is driven by a heat dome. Tito for the 2019 heat wave, which broke the absolute temperature record with 46 ° C at the Herald, exceeded the 44.1 C established in August 2003 on the card.

Blood here, a temperature of 48 degrees is expected in Marrakech. A figure close to the last record of the kingdom, 49.6 degrees and was recorded on July 17, 2012 in Ocher. Caution is needed from this heat, especially in coastal cities, DMN tells us again.

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