February 27, 2021

“Disgusted and worried”: Canadians respond to mass CRA lockouts

Many Canadians received warnings Tuesday from the Canadian Revenue Agency that their email address had been deleted from their online account, triggering reactions of fear and frustration.

When people try to access their accounts, it’s confusing to find out why their email was deleted. This is made worse by the fact that CRA’s telephone connections are built in, and many Canadians are unable to search for answers.

Vancouver resident Dan Larson told the Daily High in a phone interview: “I hope they put their stuff together and let Canadians know what’s going on.” I’m frustrated and worried because I have no answer. “

At 12:30 pm he received an email from CRA that when he got home he realized he was locked out of his accounts. He tried three ways to access it – through his bank, through the CRA’s website, and through his provincial service card. But nothing worked.

“I don’t know if this is my identity being stolen or the CRA being hacked. I can’t contact them either. Their phone system seems to be in some weird cycle,” he said, not sure if he should contact his bank.

The CRA has not publicly addressed the issue, and a spokesman told the Daily High that they are looking into it.

Many Canadians have received the same error message, and many regret that the country’s tax administrator has not done much to communicate what is happening.

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