July 5, 2022

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Direct – Afghanistan: Jean-Yves Le Trian announces that all requests to leave Afghanistan will be investigated

Afghanistan fell to government forces at the hands of the Taliban on Monday, acknowledging their victory at the end of nearly 20 years of war after President Ashraf Ghani’s trip abroad. Follow country news, minute by minute directly.

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Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has promised that the cases of all Afghans who ask French officials to leave their country, which is in the hands of the Taliban, will be investigated.

“All the cases that have arisen – their number is growing day by day with hundreds of names – are being investigated,” Du Dimanche (JDT) told the Journal.

Since the airlift was installed after the fall of Kabul on Sunday, the air force has already flown more than 600 people on four planes to Paris, most of them Afghans, 625 of whom were transferred between May and July in anticipation of Taliban takeover.


Civil servants announced the fifth round of a flight set up by the French military to evacuate the French and allowed some Afghans from Kabul to arrive in Paris on Saturday evening.

Tonight, the 5th flight from Abu Dhabi landed in Paris. On board, more than 100 French and Afghan nationals were evacuated from Kabul by French forces and are now safe, ā€¯French civil servants tweeted. French airlift takes exhibitors from Kabul to Abu Dhabi, to a French military base, and then to Paris.


The U.S. embassy in Afghanistan should avoid traveling to Kabul airport on Saturday due to “security threats”.

The nature of the threats was not specified, but White House official Joe Biden said on Saturday morning that he had discussed the “security situation in Afghanistan and the Islamic State group, including ISIS,” with senior officials in his government.

A statement from the embassy’s website said, “Security threats may be made outside the gates of Kabul airport.”

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