September 30, 2022

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Delta Variation: WHO predicts rapid expansion worldwide

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that the delta variant, which is highly contagious and is already responsible for more than three-quarters of new Govt cases in many large countries, will be significant in the coming months.

This variant, first detected in India, now exists in 124 countries and regions, 13 more than last week, compared to 180 (six) for the alpha found in the United Kingdom. Underlined.

“It (the delta variant) is expected to quickly change to other types and become the dominant descendant of the cove that is in circulation in the coming months,” said the Geneva-based UN. The company continued. Among the countries where the delta variant now causes more than 75% of new diseases, we find India, China, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Portugal and Israel. “However, it is not yet clear if the exact mechanism of this variation” causes the largest transaction “compared to others, the WHO has acknowledged.

About 3.4 million cases related to Govt have been identified in the 18 to 18 weeks of July, 12% more than the previous week, he said. “At this rate, the number of reported cases worldwide (since the onset of the epidemic) is expected to exceed 200 million in the next three weeks,” the WHO warned. It explains this trend by four factors: high prevalence variability, relaxation in public health practices, strong social interaction and many not being vaccinated. Last week, the number of new cases rose by 30% in the western Pacific region and 21% in the European region, as defined by the WHO.

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Indonesia recorded the highest: 350,273, 44% increase, followed by the United Kingdom (296,447, + 41%) and Brazil (287,610, 14% decrease). However, the weekly death toll was 57,000, consistent with the previous week.