August 12, 2022

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Covid: New Zealand removes national control over Auckland

Prime Minister Jacinta Arden announced on Monday that New Zealand would end national control of the archipelago this week, noting that it would be in effect in Auckland, the epicenter of the country’s Govt-19 epidemic.

From Tuesday to Wednesday night, about three million New Zealanders will be able to leave again and schools will reopen on Thursday, for the first time in three weeks, Artern explained.

However, he pointed out that in Auckland, the largest city on the North Island where the highly contagious delta variant first appeared in mid-August, the locking would be in effect for at least an additional week, and the epidemic was not completely under control. .

Artern welcomed the declining number of cases, while recalling that the Delta variant was a game changer that prevented deregulation in Auckland.

“We were very successful in controlling this epidemic. The control was effective, but it did not end there,” he said, adding that the country “could not bear even the slightest mistake”.

The inhabitants of the remaining archipelago will no longer be controlled, but life will not resume its normal course. Inside gatherings are limited to 50 people and people are required to wear a mask and provide a QR code at certain locations.

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