September 30, 2022

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Covid-19: WHO triggers the possibility of new, more dangerous variations appearing

The World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Response Team says the Covit-19 epidemic is a long way off and could “record” new variants in appearance and worldwide, perhaps even more dangerous, which may still be difficult to control.

In a press release authorizing the work of its eighth meeting, the panel recalled that the epidemic was “an emergency of international purpose” and stressed that “despite national, regional and global efforts, the epidemic is far from over”. It continues to develop with four worrying variations that dominate the global epidemiological situation. ”

The group, which is responsible for advising the Director – General of the World Health Organization on health emergencies, warned that “the greater the probability of the emergence of new worry variants and the global spread, the more dangerous it will be, and the more difficult it will be to control.”

The team members unanimously agreed that “the Covid-19 epidemic is still an extraordinary phenomenon that adversely affects the health of people around the world, poses a risk for international outbreaks and requires an integrated international response.” Therefore, the panel agreed that the Govt-19 epidemic is a public health emergency of international concern.

According to World Health Organization experts, “epidemic is a global challenge, and countries face different health, economic and social demands”. They point out that improved access to vaccines and well-developed health systems are pushing for the full reopening of their communities, while countries with limited access to vaccines are experiencing new epidemics.

“As a result, governments are increasingly taking different policy decisions that meet narrow national needs that prevent a harmonious approach to global response,” the source said.

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The group is also concerned about the adequate funding of the WHO Strategic Product and Response Plan, which recommends more flexible funding to support the WHO’s leading role in responding to global epidemics.