July 5, 2022

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COVID-19: Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during WHO (70%)

“Don’t think the epidemic is over”: The World Health Organization (WHO) Europe director has warned that the health crisis associated with the corona virus infection will end after at least 70% of the world’s population is vaccinated. , Calls for speeding up vaccination and being vigilant as the continent is being destroyed.

“The epidemic will end when we reach 70% of the minimum vaccine coverage,” Hans Kluke promised in an interview with AFP in Copenhagen, adding that “the vaccine (…) is still being used more slowly, including those included in Europe.”

According to WHO standards, of the 53 regions of the European region, only 26% of the population was vaccinated for the first time.

In the EU, 36.6% have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 16.9% are fully vaccinated, according to AFP.

Across the continent, the growing epidemic of new variants is worrying.

“For example, we know that (variant) P166 (first identified in India) is more contagious than P117 (first identified in the UK), which is already more contagious than the previous strain,” says the Belgian doctor.

The so-called Indian variant is present in 27 of the 53 countries in the region, where the number of new cases and deaths has dropped for the fifth consecutive week to its lowest level since mid-October.

If vaccines are currently in place against mutations in the corona virus, time should be alert.

Mr. Glck, in particular, said, “People will lower their defenses and become unreasonable, and they think the epidemic is over because they received the first or second dose of the vaccine.”

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This is the fourth consecutive week in the world, especially in Europe, that it has been declining since mid-April, according to official data compiled by the AFP.

Almost a year and a half after the first cases were discovered in China, the summer should be an opportunity for everyone to be vigilant, especially during the big meetings planned for Euro football.

“We must finally give the red card to COVID-19, do not give it too much time, be careful,” he stressed, wearing a mask recalling the importance of prohibition gestures.

“In an epidemic, speed is essential,” he said, and it was absent at the onset of the epidemic.

“While the WHO has declared an epidemic, many countries are still waiting, and we have wasted precious time,” the Belgian doctor said in his office, noticing a port in the Danish capital.

Even today, he said, “time is against us (…) we must accelerate (the immunization campaign), increase the number of vaccines”, noting that the WHO is continuing the Russian vaccine Sputnik V and a study. Chinese vaccine.

The WHO has called for greater solidarity between countries within the European region if more vaccines are needed.

“It is unacceptable for some countries to start vaccinating the youngest and best part of their population, while other countries in our region do not vaccinate all health workers and the most vulnerable people,” he exploded.