January 18, 2021

COVID-19: Canada in recent countries to confirm first cases of new COVID variant | World News

Many countries have reported the first cases of the new corona virus variant discovered in the UK – and many have been the first to be vaccinated with the Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine.

The New variant, Also known as VUI-202012/01, which is considered contagious by up to 70% and has caused concern among experts and world leaders – meaning it can spread very fast.

After this variation was identified in the southeastern UK, countries around the world rushed to close their borders to the UK and prevent it from reaching their citizens.

Canada has recently confirmed the case of this variant, following the discovery of two cases of the disease in Ontario.

These cases are a couple with no known travel history, exposure or high risk in the south of the province.

Japan has also reported the first cases of the fast-spreading variant, including a man who went to the UK and one of his family members.

Sweden filed a lawsuit against a traveler from the UK who fell ill upon his arrival and then tested positive for the variant before leaving for solitude.

A case France A French citizen living in the UK, he left London for Tours on 19 December. He is currently self-isolated at home and he is said to be fine.

Spain Its first case was announced on Saturday, although no further details have been released.

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New COVID variant ‘dominates’

Imposed by France Prevents crossing the channel before Christmas and causes chaos in Dover Harbor.

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Tuesday evening, the Governments of England and France An agreement was reached Allows resumption of train, air and sea services for French citizens or residents, or for urgent reasons such as carrying goods.

If negative they are now allowed to cross the border Corona virus Test.

However, the case, which was discovered by French health officials before the travel ban was imposed, entered France.

Earlier this week, French Health Minister Oliver Warren acknowledged that the “new variant” was already in circulation in the country, and officials at the time had no evidence.

Spain has banned people from coming to the UK since Tuesday this week, although the move was brought two days before Christmas, although Spanish citizens are allowed to return.

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‘More chance’ to work on vaccine variant

Cases of the new variant have also been confirmed in Denmark, Italy, Gibraltar, the Netherlands and Australia.

Although it is believed to be spreading rapidly, there is no evidence so far that the new variant causes more serious disease or that vaccines can be avoided – the first of which began to arrive in many European countries.

Those who delivered the Pfizer-Bioendech job include Greece, Germany, Spain and Italy, with 10,000 doses arriving in Ireland ahead of the vaccination program starting Wednesday.

European countries have begun taking births after European drug agency approval.